ACROSS is a partnership between BWA - Buildings with Art which operates in real estate market projection, property management, generating custom-made solutions to third parties, and ABBC, legal counseling.

For this reason, it is in an ideal position to advise those interested in investing in Portugal for the purpose of obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa.

ACROSS is a global service provider encompassing all areas of the real estate sector, and has acquired the know-how that reaches far beyond the sector: we intervene whenever a market for owners needing technical assistance in the management of their real estate is created - updating records, assessments, maintenance, collection and updating of rental value, tenant management, purchasing, sales and exchanges of property, economic evaluation of projects for change of use, etc.. As far as investors are concerned, our aim is, naturally, to choose the best real estate investment in terms of cost, location, potential return on investment and market transaction ease.

Guilherme D’Orey

2000 to present
CEO of Imogalvão, a real estate company. Project Leader of ACROSS and BWA - Buildings With Art, both brands and businesses belonging to Imogalvão.

2000 to present
CEO of Sigma Pax Investments and of Construoeiras, construction and real estate promotion companies.

1997 – 1999
Began as a commercial director and later became general manager at InterReditus, a company in the ICT sector.

1994 – 1997
President adviser to Portuguese football team S.L. Benfica regarding relations with UEFA, and internal and external Organizations.

1980 – 1997
Assistant/Manager at Nedlloyd Lines B.V., a navigation and transport business, as Sales Director and as Commercial and Logistics Administrator.