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Economy recovery push retail market up

Cushman & Wakefield, Outono 2014 (MarketBeat Portugal),Economic recovery in Portugal’s residential sector reflected in the first quarter of the year by higher demand and slightly higher sales prices.
According to SIR (Residential Information System) data, a total number of 1,362 homes were sold in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and 290 in Greater Porto, from January to March 2014. 
Growth in Lisbon was up 60% over the same period last year and 30% in Porto.
Sales figures were up in line with the increase in the number of home sales, at an average €1,409 per sq.m in Lisbon and €857 in Porto, up 18% and 8%, respectively, over the end of 2013.

European "investment immigration" Chinese Stories

Epoch Times July 9, 2014 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Mary Belgium reported) since Europe opened its doors for investment immigration, more and more Chinese completed or underway, intended to write a "Journey to the West".
In this article, the story of a family that choose Portugal to live in and bought a property with ACROSS.


Quality of life: Top 25 cities
Monocle, July/August 2014

As the final stage of the long river side regeneration project comes to an end, Lisbon is finally rediscovering the beauful Tagus river. Despite the crisis, the city is packed with entrepreneurs running everything from retail to restaurants in a decidedly Portuguese way. The City is finally changing the archaic rent laws that led to many of the buildings in the centre being left empty for decades.
Lisbon is now greener, taking better care of its history and traditions and still a mere 20-minute car ride from world-class surf beaches. Critics say it’s the perfect city — if if you’re a tourist. Unemployment is higher than average. Salaries are low. And even though rents are going down, the cost of living in lhe city centre is getting more expensive.


IMF confirms projection of 1.2 pct growth for Portugal’s economy in 2014

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed the projections for the Portuguese economy that were recently published by the government, forecasting growth of 1.2 percent and unemployment of 15.7 percent in 2014, according to a report issued Tuesday in Washington.

In its “World Economic Outlook,” the IMF, one of the three members of the three-way supervisory commission of Portugal’s Economic and Financial Aid Programme, along with the European Commission and the European Central Bank, confirmed its upward review of Portugal’s macroeconomic outlook published by the government following the 11th review of the programme.

The IMF projects that Portugal’s economy will post growth of 1.2 percent this year and 1.5 percent in 2015, after a recession of 1.4 percent in 2013, the third consecutive year of economic contraction in Portugal. (...)

Economic relations between Portugal and China boosted in May

A round of contacts in May of this year promises to drive economic relations between Portugal and China, whilst Chinese investment in Portugal is on the up.

The high point of the initiatives will be a visit by Portugal’s President to Shanghai, Beijing and Macau from 13 to 19 May, along with a business mission that so far includes almost 60 companies from a variety of sector, ranging from banking to energy and wine.

The mission will begin in Shanghai, where on 14 May, according to the provisional programme, the “China – Portugal: Doing Busines Together” seminar organised by the Portuguese foreign trade and investment promotion agency and with the support of the Shanghai branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Condé Nast Traveller - Portugal is the ‘Best Country to Visit’

The poll was conducted online by readers of the prestigious magazine who chose Portugal for its combination of culture, cuisine, fine wines, beaches, golf courses, history, and especially for the Portuguese hosts who were described as an affable, open and "very sincere" people. Portugal also was considered to have a "striking variety" of landscapes.

This is the second time that Portugal has been selected for this award. In this 6th competition, Portugal vied with Spain, USA, Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland winniinig the 'Best Country' section.

The award was presented in Madrid to the President of Turismo de Portugal, João Cotrim de Figueiredo who stressed the importance of the award - 

"This award reinforces the visibility of Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence and distinct from Spain, a leading international market that in 2013 generated more than 3 million nights and over €1 billion in revenue. I also emphasise with a degree of pride the fact that the unique qualities of the Portuguese people in contact with tourists was marked highly and motivates many to return. This is one of the aspects that contributed largely to Portugal getting this award."

Condé Nast Traveller Awards 2014 ran a total of 23 categories including hotels, resorts, spas, cities, transportation, and technology related to the tourism and travel.


Golden visa schemes attracting foreign buyers to Spain and Portugal

After a long recession in Spain and Portugal, there are signs that the second home market is starting to look brighter, at least in some places, says the report from international property firm Savills.

Prices for good quality second homes have fallen by between a quarter and a third from the peak of 2007 and this means there are still some bargains to be had. Properties at the top end of the market are still in demand and there has also been a resurgence in smaller town houses and the apartment market, the report explains.

Residential markets in some parts of the Algarve remain extremely depressed. Portugal’s golden visa scheme has seen significant uptake from the Chinese but they have focused their buying mainly in Lisbon. This reflects the still dominant preference of many Asians for urban properties.

One lifestyle development at Quinta do Lago in Portugal has seen a bit of a revival, especially from British buyers. However, developers in the final stages of completing schemes are tailoring their packages around the golden visa categories with the €500,000 minimum spend in mind as durability and investment returns are at the forefront of these buyers’ minds so many ere seeking a good property that will sell well in five or six years time. (...)

Portugal fashion week kicks off with organic theme

LISBON, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Portugal fashion show kicked off on Wednesday at a small palace in capital Lisbon' s principe real, Embaixada, where insiders expect everything "organic" -- the theme of portugal's 34th gala week of designer fashion.

The show, organized by the National Association of Young Entrepeneurs, will then head to a majestic building of Alfandega, in Porto, north of Portugal, for a three-day marathon where models will stage autumn/winter outfits 2014-2015 by the likes of Fatima Lopes, Luis Buchinho, Miguel Vieira, Luis Onofre, Diogo Miranda and Susana Bettencourt, as well as national labels including Dielmar, Tm Collection, Lion of Porches and Vicri.

As well as catwalks, the show will hold its second edition of show-room, Brand Up, mainly for sales and networking, and there' ll be a competition on Saturday where nine finalists will be chosen to receive "strategic and financial support" to get started in the fashion industry.

"We' re aiming to consolidate upcoming creators," director of Portugal Fasion, Manuel Teixeira, told Portuguese news agency lusa.


Lisbon harbours Californian dreams

Lisbon and San Francisco share many physical attributes: both are spread out over hills and have cable cars and large red suspension bridges in their harbours. Now the Portuguese capital is also keen to adopt the spirit of its new world counterpart as a global centre for start-ups.

Lisbon is a multicultural city, thanks in no small part to Portugal’s imperial past. The city’s mayor was born in the former Indian colony of Goa, for example. It also offers a good quality of life (the beach is 10 minutes from the city centre) and a cost of living that is much lower than in other European capitals.

Support for early-stage ventures is growing now that a cluster of incubator programmes is up and running, several of which are backed by the city government. There is also a good supply of engineering graduates from respected local universities, such as Instituto Superior Técnico.
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Portuguese economy posts growth of 1.6 pct in fourth quarter of 2013

Portugal’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew year on year by 1.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 and by 0.5 percent against the third quarter, according to estimates published by Portugal’s National Statistics Institute (INE).

This growth is “largely due to recovery of domestic demand,” which had a contribution “that had not been seen since the fourth quarter of 2010, mainly reflecting private consumption,” INE said.

In the third quarter of 2013 GDP saw a year on year contraction of 0.9 percent.
The 1,6 percent growth of Portugal’s GDP in the fourth quarter was the second-highest in the Euro Zone 18, according to Eurostat.
Only Latvia, which became part of the Euro Zone in 2014, posted higher growth that Portugal, of 3.6 percent in the fourth quarter. (macauhub)


Fosun, Prudential get cozier on investment

China's Fosun Group, the parent company of acquisitive conglomerate Fosun International, has announced an agreement to forge a China-focused joint venture with US insurer Prudential Financial Inc.

The partnership, which builds on their existing joint venture in life insurance and investment management, follows a major buyout of a Portuguese insurance firm, as Fosun accelerates its international deployment in 2014.

The two companies, which began collaboration in 2011, intend to invest in "mixed-use development" property projects in growing urban centers in China, according to a company statement on Wednesday. (...)

Rich Chinese look to Europe

A rising number of wealthy Chinese are moving to Europe because their favored destination, Canada, has been scaling back entry. Hong Kong-based immigration consultants are trying to provide would-be migrants with alternative programs.

This is an immigration agency in Hong Kong. Canada recently canceled its investor visa program, and consultants here are recommending alternative programs to their clients.

"You can spend 500,000 Euros to buy a property in Portugal, then you can get residency." Cy Wong with UNI Immigration Consultancy Ltd. Said.


Portugal the surprise hero of eurozone growth as exports and tourism prosper

Tearful farewells have become a common sight at Lisbon’s Portela airport. Three years of punishing austerity and deep recession have triggered an exodus where an estimated 200 young graduates and other emigrants leave each day.

But nearby, the airport’s busy cargo terminals and bustling shopping malls reveal a less familiar aspect of the painful economic adjustment Portugal is making as part of a €78bn international bailout agreement: record levels of export growth and tourism have helped make the country the surprise hero of the eurozone recovery.

Year-on-year growth of 1.6 per cent in the final quarter of 2013 outstripped every other eurozone member, including Germany, while quarterly growth of 0.5 per cent, topped only by the Netherlands, shattered economists’ forecasts of only a 0.1 per cent increase.

Describing Portugal as the “eurozone’s new growth star”, Christian Schulz, a senior economist with Berenberg, says the EU’s sovereign debt crisis has been the “handmaid of change”, forcing peripheral member states such as Portugal to make “sweeping structural reforms” and improve their export competitiveness.
(...) http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/440e4c36-9713-11e3-809f-00144feab7de.html...

Travel: Porto named Best European Destination 2014 – Portugal

Porto, the second Portuguese largest city, was elected for the second time “Best European Destination” of the year, by the European Consumers Choice, it was announced Thursday.

Porto was first awarded the honor in 2012. Last year the title was won by Istanbul.

Porto won with 14.8% of the votes, followed by Zagreb, Vienna, Nicosia, Budapest, the island of Madeira, Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Rome the other destinations in the top ten. The voting was carried online involving multiple social networks. (...)

Champions League Ball with Portuguese Theme to Make Debut in Last 16

On the eve of the Champions League knockout stage, Adidas have unveiled a new ball with a Portuguese theme, celebrating the tournament final taking place in Lisbon later this year.

According to this Adidas press release, the Finale Lisbon Official Match Ball tells a story:

The design inspiration of the ball this year is a celebration of Portugal's legacy as a proud sea-going nation. The different shades of blue reflect the importance that both sky and sea have played in Lisbon’s nautical history. The orange is a testament to the capital city’s orange-roofed houses, which can be seen from the numerous viewpoints scattered throughout Lisbon´s several hills.

If you thought football could be played without celebrating Portugal's sea-faring legacy, then you are sorely mistaken.

Still, it's an exciting design, and created the perfect opportunity to position it beside an eagle in the Estadio da Luz.

And it doesn't yet have its own Twitter account like the Brazuca World Cup ball, which is probably a good thing.

7 reasons Lisbon could be Europe's coolest city

(CNN) -- What makes a city "cool"?

If it means being loaded with atmosphere, charm, great food and nightlife, yet ignored by the bulk of travelers, then Lisbon deserves consideration as Europe's coolest capital.

Here's why.

10 of the best free museums in Europe

We like to grumble, but when it comes to museums, we've got it pretty good in the UK, with free entry to many major museums. In London, for example, it's possible to pop into places like the National Gallery, the British Museum or the Tate on your lunch break without making a dent in your sandwich money. Most museums in Europe do charge an entry fee, but there are still plenty of opportunities for budget travellers to get a free culture fix. Many cities have adopted a free first Sundays scheme, giving visitors access to the permanent collections once a month, while many other museums offer free entry on other days. And of course there are still museums around Europe that offer free entry every day. Some may be small, specialised, or hard to get to – such as the Florence Nightingale Museum in Istanbul – but many, such as the Modern Art Museum in Paris, or the Berardo Collection in Lisbon, are just as grand and comprehensive as their pricier counterparts. Here are 10 free museums across the continent that are worth checking out.

Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon
A recent, and impressive, addition to Lisbon's list of cultural attractions, the Berardo Museum opened its collection of modern and contemporary art to the public in 2007. The modern space is filled with vibrant works by all the hard-hitting pop artists, such as Warhol, Pollock and Lichtenstein, as well as greats such as Picasso, Baco and Dali. Regular temporary exhibitions focus on specific artists or themes: there's a wonderful display of vintage posters you simply wish you could own, selected from the museum's unparalleled collection of advertising art.

48 hours in Lisbon

Room with a view: We recommend a suite with plenty of closet space in this hidden gem of a new opening. Old-world charm: Head to traditional outfitters Chapelaria Azevedo Rua and the Luvaria Ulisses for hats or gloves. Conserveira de Lisboa also provides a taste of the city’s history. Coffee stop: Open-air kiosks are the perfect pit stop for a pastel de nata (custard tart) or quick caffeine hit. (page 278) Shopping: Opened this September to foster retail entrepreneurs and budding businesses, the stunning Embaixada shopping centre, located in Príncipe Real, has a mix of great retail propositions. Cocktails: Entrepreneur Nuno Faria’s after-hours haunt Bistro 100 Maneiras is the perfect place to chink a glass after a day on the cobblestonesPortugal’s southern-most region continues to rake in the awards. This past weekend, the Algarve was voted Europe’s Best Golf Destination for 2014, beating off challenges from several illustrious destinations across the continent.

Algarve elected Europe’s best Golf Destination of 2014

The awards, staged in Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain are voted for by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), whose specialist golf tour operator members now number 516 from 62 different countries. They considered criteria such as customer satisfaction; quality of golf courses and accommodation; value for money; support from suppliers, tourist boards & airlines; professional conduct of suppliers; and accessibility to tee times, when casting their votes. The IAGTO awards are the highest accolade for golfing destinations. The Algarve beat off the challenges of other nominees which included Dublin and Central Ireland, Gran Canary, the Scottish Highlands, the French Riviera, and Lisbon’s own Golf Coast. Desidério Silva, President of the Algarve Tourism Board stressed after the awards that golf tourism is of the utmost importance to the Algarve, with nearly one million rounds played per year. “With a choice of 40 golf courses, the Algarve is the perfect place for players to indulge their passion. Year after year, the organisational capabilities and the professionalism from the local golf industry have enabled us to respond to the trust placed in us by the international golf tour operators, who have greatly honoured us by selecting the Algarve as Europe’s number one golf destination”, explained Desidério Silva. IAGTO’s Chief Executive, Peter Walton, added: “The annual golf holiday is the highlight of the golfing year for many of the world’s 55 million players, and the IAGTO Awards serve to reward a few exceptional contributions to this world of golf travel. The Awards serve also to encourage private and public sector organisations to work closely together in the development and promotion of new and existing golf destinations, making them accessible to and enjoyable by the widest range of golfers. Each year we recognise the performance of three of the world’s leading Golf Resorts, the flagships of our industry, together with one outstanding golf destination.” Portugal is also nominated in the category of Best European Golf Destination at this year’s World Travel Awards. The winners are to be announced at the end of the month.