Legal Counsel

  • Responsibility for gathering and filing all necessary documentation for obtainment of the Golden Visa.
  • Overseeing the process of acquiring client’s residence permit.
  • Responsibility for all documentation regarding the renovation processes.
  • Responsibility for organizing all paperwork and ensuring its delivery and processing at the SEF.
  • Legal support and counselling at every stage - acquisition, planning, development, letting and eventual sale of property.
  • Handling issues regarding judicial, contractual and legal intricacies of the real estate asset.

Real Estate and Financial Counselling

  • Assisting private and corporate investors - in rigorous professional basis - so that they can buy the best properties in the best locations at the best price.
  • Providing the investors with a summary of the real estate market in Portugal - both in the residential and the non-residential side - so that they have a better perception about what they will be shown and make the best investment options.
  • Preselecting a set of properties that meet customers’ expectations and preferences.
  • Counselling and assisting at every stage - acquisition, planning, development, letting and eventual sale of the property.
  • Providing the investor with all the information about future scenarios to value the property, namely through rental, leasing or sale options.
  • Assisting customer with bank account opening and money transfers.

Legal and Fiscal

  • Overseeing the process of acquiring client’s visa in what concerns, legal and tax advice.
  • Appointing a fiscal representative.
  • Organizing all paperwork and ensuring its delivery and processing at the SEF and notary documents for the final deed.
  • Handling subsequent legal and tax implications on behalf of the client ( i.e. property registrations).
  • Dealing with all documentation regarding the renewal processes.


  • Communicating with the client in order to create a bond.
  • Welcoming and transferring the client from the airport to the hotel.
  • Picking up at hotel and guiding through property visits.
  • Transferring to attorney’s office and to SEF for interview.
  • Farewell dinner.
  • Car and driving all day.

Add-Value Services

  • Taking care of all travel arrangements prior to client’s arrival.
  • Reserving and ensuring welcome package and tourism documentation at hotel room for the client.
  • Presenting pre-selected prior to property visits.
  • Showing the client all the selected choices and discussing the “value for money” of each one.
  • Being prepared to answer client’s questions regarding legal matters.

On Demand

  • Translation and simultaneous interpretation.
  • Manage the client’s property and other needs such as periodic cleaning and representation at owners’ meetings.
  • Utility contracts (electricity, gas, cable TV, etc.).
  • Education options in international schools, universities and timely enrolment.
  • Several types of insurance (home, property, health, etc.).
  • Home decorating services: purchasing of furniture and decoration.
  • Doctor and home assistance service.
  • Assistance and advice in any issue, doubt or problem in normal life in the country for the first year.
  • General expenses and local taxes payment.

And also
Highly specialized financial and legal counsel for business construction or real estate acquisition of complex buildings (e.g., real estate that is government-owned).